Project: Carsurfing
Category: Creative Content
The Vancouver startup, Carsurfing needed to introduce it’s innovative and disruptive model of ridesharing and collaborative consumption in a fun story-telling fashion. It also needed to target a youth audience and have a fresh, playfully irreverent and current vibe.

We provided an ad incorporating the nostalgia of film and summer’s past to Carsurfing’s new concept of an old idea: organizing rides, making friends, and saving the environment. The indie soundtrack compliments of local up and comers ‘Oh No! Yoko’ married the fun and fast-paced editing style and warm, friendly aesthetic of the video to ultimately encompass the same values that the company stands for.

More information:

31 E 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V5T 1G7 Canada
tel: 604 957 1625
[email protected]

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