Who? What? Why? When?

Believe it or not, we started this thing out a long long LONG time ago.

It began with this thing called a desktop computer, a video card, and some terrible compression. It was 1998 and getting video to actually work on a computer, let alone stream online, was NOT easy. But we figured it out while operating a little startup called ChalkTV. It wasn’t pretty but it worked, and it was cool, in a nerdy way. And we opened thousands of brown boxes full of new gadgets before “unboxing” was a thing or YouTube was even an idea. We kept pushing the technology envelope and once we got over the nerdy part of the tech we realized that we were just telling stories. Telling stories like people had done for a long long long long time wasn’t new but with new technologies you could do some interesting things. Then these things we called Web 2.0 and Social Media came along and we adopted them quickly, introduced them on television, the web, even busses, subways and planes even, and just kept telling stories.

M2O transmogrified as Media2o (media-two-oh) and it was exactly that. We made a bunch of really cool interactive experiments online and worked on TV’s early transition to the web.

That happened, almost as we predicted.

Fast forward to today and we just may have more experience in “digital storytelling” than any “digital agency” still kicking. Call, text, msg or email us and we can argue that point. Along the way we’ve helped scrappy non-profits and fortune 500 companies alike and oh the fun we’ve had. We’ve changed how planes land safely in the winter, engineered a major online retailer to make 10+m sales in a day, turned a beer company into a news company, and taught people how to use digital cameras for the first time. Yeah, we’re that old. Again, call us if you want to hear some interesting stories from the trenches of technology.

After two decades of ground-breaking, award winning innovation, M2O focuses on select impact related and innovative projects. Call us and let’s explore if we’re a fit for each other. In certain cases, and for worthy non-profits, we do not charge for our consulting services, in other cases we charge extra to ensure their success and that the absolute best team is on it. And yes, we take bitcoin, but we still haven’t seen one groundbreaking application of the blockchain, other than cryptocurrencies, and the cloud is just servers connected to the internet. We aren’t easily impressed by technology.

We also believe in teaching our clients to do what we do, large and small. There’s absolutely no point in giving someone something they can’t operate fully and completely. It is even better if that thing carries forward for multiple generations and helps society as a whole.

What a crazy idea.

We believe in a connected and meaningful life, why not make that part of your team  today?