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the Urban Peasant

Project: The Urban Peasant
Category: Website development
James Barber is possibly Canada’s best-loved celebrity chef, and his legacy still lives on throughout Canadian culture today.

With tens of thousands of Canadians still reaching out to his memory, and his legacy in videos, recipes and books, his estate reached out to M2O to help continue to tell the story in a way true to the spirit of James Barber and the Urban Peasant.

We crafted a playful site organizing his recipes, videos, social media channels and even linking into e-commerce with his book sales to keep fans fed with the indelible spirit of The Urban Peasant.

More information: www.james-barber.com

the Urban Peasant

Future Shop CES

Project: Future Shop CES 2013
Category: Rapid Production – Branded Content
Future Shop is a retailer in the tech field. But with their Tech Yeah blog, they are also leaders in the tech news space as well.

To reinforce this Future Shop asked M2O Digital Agency to plan and produce quality, timely and unique Consumer Electronics Show (CES) video content to reinforce Future Shop’s positioning as the source for exciting technology news.

We obliged by creating an innovative rapid real-time video production solution. Videos were up within 1 hr of filming. First they were uploaded to the Future Shop YouTube channel with SEO and SEM. After uploading they were immediately embedded into the Tech Yeah blog which leveraged Future Shop’s high Alexa rating and boosted the videos google juice even further.

We completed 66 videos in English and French in 3 days; more than any news organization at CES.

Check out the feature of our Cart solution that graced the cover of Creative Cows, a leading videography Blog:
Mobile Video Production with the Matrox MXO2