Project: Vancity
Category: Corporate Team Capacity Training
As the largest community credit union in Canada, Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, AKA Vancity, leads the country as a financial institution with a heart that is radically inclusive, progressive and community focussed. In an aging investment market and a burgeoning yet disconnected millennial one, they needed to look forward. Understanding what we describe as moving from a reading culture to a viewing culture they needed to amp up digital video. M2O and our CEO Bradley Shende were asked to do several things. 1) Audit Vancity’s current communications in the social video space and 2) Observe the current team in its day-to-day operations 3) Engineer a curriculum and training program then 4) Working with the team, adding and enlisting select others to 5) Train and mentor them to bring up their creativity, capacity, efficiency and production values.

Result: We brought all that up several sustainable notches. The team is now proficient and churning out regular videos, concepts and even web series. What’s more they’re having a heck of a lot of fun doing it. Once again, we left with a big smile on our faces as our work there, was done : )

Project: Rocky Mountaineer
Category: Storytelling
As one of the worlds great luxury brands and luxury experiences, the Rocky Mountaineer is much more than a truly exceptional train ride. It is a story and a Journey. Nestled in and commandeering the Rocky Mountains at a pace all its own, it provides breathtaking views of what makes us all whole, Nature. M2O Digital Agency was honoured to work with the team at Rocky Mountaineer and GFZ Studios to craft a series of videos highlighting the once in a lifetime experience that is the Rocky Mountaineer.


Project: Hollyhock Life
Category: Website and Training
M2O was responsible for developing a new community-based website for Hollyhock, and worked with them to develop, a repository of knowledge that reflects Hollyhock’s deep commitment to holistic development, understanding and growth.

Included in the project was hands-on training so that the community could immediately use the site and develop content, which proved successful as the site was immediately populated with thousands of articles, recipes, photos and videos building the Hollyhock story and community.

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