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Project: STR & ConnectedLife
Category: Rebranding
M2O has two tech shows. Our nationally syndicated tech show is called: The Shaw Tech Report. As well as ConnectedLife, Canada’s longest running tech show on the web (launched 3 months before YouTube came to Canada).

Since the launch of the ConnectedLife in the summer of 2007, the branding had been the same. So it was high time for a refresh. The intro length was too long and needed to be shortened to 5-7 seconds. From there the team designed a new logo and a developed a new set of motion graphics to freshen up the look.

With The Shaw Tech Report, we had inherited graphics and music that we were never really up our alley. The staff at M2O felt as the whole brand could use a refresh. With all the rebranding occurring we began to look at our company brand as well. We liked our logo but our design team felt that with small tweaks it could read a bit better. In the end, we gave 2 full makeovers of our tech shows and had original music composed for both, in addition to a new take on our company logo, complete with letterhead and extremely unique business cards.

More information: www.connected.tv


Project: Hollyhock Life
Category: Website and Training
M2O was responsible for developing a new community-based website for Hollyhock, and worked with them to develop Hollyhocklife.org, a repository of knowledge that reflects Hollyhock’s deep commitment to holistic development, understanding and growth.

Included in the project was hands-on training so that the community could immediately use the site and develop content, which proved successful as the site was immediately populated with thousands of articles, recipes, photos and videos building the Hollyhock story and community.

More information: www.hollyhocklife.org

HHLife print screen


Project: YVR Connections
Category: Community Website
Vancouver International Airport is one of the busiest and most internationally awarded airports in North America. We were tasked to help them devise a social media strategy and build out a digital community in advance of the Vancouver Olympics.

Working with their communications team, YVR and M2O collectively developed a training regimen to onboard their communications team within social media channels, creating a boot camp and developing a digital strategy that garnered them an international airport award.

The site used videos, photos and real-world stories to form a bond with the local and international communities, engaged the media, and helped bring 21st century marketing to YVR and continues to evolve and serve the community.

More information: www.yvr.ca